A successful STNA Career

There are endless possibilities and paths to build your STNA career. Even after you earn a STNA certificate, the opportunities don’t end there. STNAs can use their experience and education to pursue other medical careers like LPN, and RN. And with new, credible programs available like Columbus STNA School, STNAs are given access to all the tools they need to succeed. But what else does it take to be the best in your STNA career?

The real question you should be asking is, “Who is successful, and why?”

Great news. Success is not determined by your ability to know the name of Kim Kardashian’s baby, your knowledge of Taylor Swift’s boyfriends, or even your IQ. The key to success is grit. Grit is having the passion and drive to finish long term goals and working hard to see that dream a reality. You may not have mastered a technique yet or maybe you’ve had a bad day at work, but becoming a STNA means having the grit to see each day through and try your best to only get better. Check out these few tricks to build your grit!

Grit: Having a Knack for the STNA Job

  • Don’t give up: It’s important to just. keep. trying. Have you ever heard of the story about a successful caregiver who quit his caregiver career? No? Neither have I. The point is, you can’t be successful in your STNA job if you give up half way or quit.
  • Think Positive: Or think about ice cream and rainbows. Whatever works for you. Studies show that thinking positively reduces stress, builds better coping skills during hard times, and is better for your overall psychological health. Building your tolerance for tough times will help you achieve your goals and be successful in your career.
  • Focus on the Long Term Goals: If you want to build a healthy, successful career as a caregiver, then you have to realize that self-improvement is a long term goal. This means some personal sacrifices have to be made. It means skipping the late night rerun of Honey Boo Boo to get up early for the morning shift. It means spending an extra 30 minutes helping out a coworker when they need help.
  • Enjoy: Business and professional life aside, find a hobby or time to relax to keep yourself from getting STNA burnout. Every job is a marathon, not a sprint. So pace yourself, and learn to love the job for what it is, a journey.

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