Enrollment Checklist

1. Complete, sign and date the Admission Form. (This can be completed online)

2. Read and sign Policy Agreement. (This can be completed online)

3. Pay tuition fees:

*$350 can be paid in full online by credit card. May also pay in person by cash, money order or credit card

*Payment plan also available: ($50 due at registration, $200 due first day of class, $100 due before or on last dayof class) These payments can also be made online or in person.

4. Purchase uniform: students must be present in proper attire for the clinical experience (Navy blue scrub bottoms , white scrub top and tennis shoes) can be purchased at Walmart, Meijer, Anderson’s, JC Penny’sOutlet, Sam’s Club and uniform shops.

5. Have the Physical Requirement Form completed by your doctor or nurse practitioner. Must be completed before first day of clinical.

6. Completed 1-Step PPD Test (tuberculin skin test). After the 1st step is given, you will return in 48-72 hours and have it read. This must be read before first day of clinical.


Notebook paper for taking notes

pen and pencil

*books and lab supplies will be provided by school

Classroom, lab and clinical attendance are mandatory for their course according to the federal Regulation. YOU MUST BE ON TIME FOR ALL CLASSES, LABS AND CLINICALS.

If you need to schedule an appointment to pay tuition fees or to register in person please call 614-935-3254.